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The book “The assassination on Ragut” is a non-fictional novel about one of the most discussed attacks by the resistence during the second World War in the Zaanstreek Area (North of Holland).

Over the years, many indications have been found and many books have been written about the role of the Dutch police during the 2nd World War. Also Henk Taai has found facts that the police were collaborating with the German occupiers. But was it really so simpel or was it a large grey area in a time of war in which you did not know who could be trusted and who could be not? Were all of the police officers collaborating or were that only the policemen who were connected to the NSB or the Right Front? After years of research, Henk Taai found the answers to the questions and has written a book about it.

“The assassination on Ragut” - Henk Taai

His novel tells the story of his grandfather who joint the police on the 3th of februari 1936 as a police officer in Zaandam (North of Holland). On the 10th of May 1940 Holland were occupied by the Germans. On 21 June 1944 his grandfather became a eyewitness on the assassination on Ragut and became first police officer on the crime scene.


The whole story became an issue when Henk Taai’s painting “The assassination on Ragut in acrylic paint” was publised in the newspaper and he was confronted with a negative finger into his direction about the unclear history about the police force of Zaandam in which his grandfather was one of the police officers.


Henk Taai Jr:

“My grandfather was a very genuine good man who came glorious through the Clear Commission after the liberation in 1945. I have tried to tell his story about his life as a police officer during the 2nd WW. Now I have finished my book, I am very pleased that I have been able to reconstruct his life and that I have tried to revive historical events in a period in which you did not know who to trust. You don’t want to be a policeofficer when you land land will be occupied by the Germans and the Reichskommissar Arthus Seyss-Inquart became the boss in The Netherlands. I have tried to analyse the past to understand in the present.”    

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Henk Taai Jr:

“In 2011, PTSD became a main topic within the Dutch police force. Today, there are many policeofficers suffering from PTSD which is very underestimated. PTSD occurs as a result of serious danger situationsof threats to the physical integrity. Examples: Wars or armed conflicts. This was not different during 1940 - 1945...”